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About Us

From tales of tradition, from dusty workshops and the smell of the earth, Akkaara was born. It was shaped by the potter, on his wheel and by the carpenter’s steady hand. By the prick of the needle and the chisel on stone. This is the world where our stories are told. In places and practices from time immemorial, in folklore and fables that have somehow been forgotten. Handcrafted to glorious imperfection, each piece in the Akkaara collection recalls the story of it’s own identity.


Our Story

Akkaara brings you premium lifestyle products inspired by folklore and traditional crafts. Our products are handcrafted by artisans who have honed their skills over generations of practice. Each product in the Akkaara collection is designed with intricate care and concern. Concern for tradition, concern for the material and concern for the artisans. Through each product, Akkaara strives to revive what has been lost – the exquisite splendour of traditional arts, the cultural heritage of generations of craftspeople and the memory of age-old stories, embedded in traditional wisdom and folklore.

Our Journey of Revival

Akkaara is on a journey to revive Dying crafts. The crafts that are inseparable part of human history. We are here to Acknowledge & conserve the rare skills of the craftsmen. 

Rosewood inlay process

Rosewood Inlay

The great Indian ruler, Tipu Sultan was a patron of the exquisite Rosewood Inlay craft. Indian Rosewood  (Dalbergia latifolia), is a dark, rich wood native to the Indian deciduous forests. In Mysore, the wood is inset with bone to produce intricate inlay work of the highest quality. The traditional motifs depict the splendour of the Mysore landscape, rife with elephants and coconut trees. The concentric circles and detailed geometric patterns make this craft a perfect blend of old world charm, infused with modern aesthetic.

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