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Reminiscent to the era of Indus valley civilisation. Presented in it’s primal form & ornamentation that once was. Its earthiness & rudimentary, yet intricately patterned design, is sustainable & utilitarian.

Khavda red pottery handcrafted dinnerware

Kutch Pottery

In the remote villages of Kutch district in Gujarat, centuries are intact in the form of this pottery. A craft that can be traced back to Indus valley civilisation. Practiced for generations, now has only handful of families honing the skills. This all organic product is made of carefully chosen clay 'Rann ki Mitti'. The Clay is ground, sieved, soften & shaped. Pieces are baked in age old smoke-filled Klin 'Chulha Bhatti'. Amber colour surface is hand decorated with natural black and white paint extracted from locally available stone. The intricate decoration, mixture of dots and lines representing the nature around, is left to female design sensibility.

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