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5 Home Decor Ideas to Reflect Your Personality

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Have you ever been to a friend’s home, and while looking around their home interior decoration wondered how their home actually reflects their personality? Yes! It is true that homes reflect a lot about the personality of its occupant! If you look around your home, you would begin to notice that your home too, reflects your personality in many ways, unless you’ve never had the time to set it up.

Whether you have recently moved into a new place or you have finally made up your mind to do something creative with your interior home decor, choosing the perfect home interior decor style can always be a little overwhelming. This is especially true if you are the sort of person who really gets affected by your surrounding.

And guess what? Most of us do get affected by what’s around us. It can affect our moods and impact our lifestyle in unimaginable ways. Bottom line: You cannot go wrong in picking up that perfect home decor style to set your sweet home up! After all – home is where the heart is! Here are 5 Home Decor Ideas you can use that will reflect your personality. Choose an idea that truly resonates with who you are.

1. The Modernistic

The Modernistic style of Home Decor has gained an everlasting relevance in the world of architecture and interior design because of its simplicity and sophistication alike. If you are someone who likes to keep things minimal and believe in the simplistic way of leading life – modernistic home decor style might be the right pick for you. A modernistic personality does not mean a lack of depth or emptiness as per the notion.

On the contrary, a modernistic personality actually reflects a depth in the personality, showing an inclination towards a vibrant lifestyle while also keeping the clutter out and focusing on the things that are actually more important. Do you often find yourself tuning out the clutter in your mind and at your home or at your work desk and immediately feel relieved the moment you have decluttered? Do you believe in a simplistic yet wholesome way of living? Would you rather eat a wholesome nutritious meal you’ve made at home over a heavily garnished and overcooked pricey plate of a dish at a fancy restaurant? If yes, it could be a strong sign that you are a modernist at heart! And the modernistic home decor style will best reflect your personality.

The Modernistic Home Decor Style has been winning the hearts of people since the beginning of the 19th century when the interior designers and the home architects alike started giving up on the idealistic views of realism and embraced a more lively, colorfully vibrant yet simplistic style of home decor and that came to be called as the Modernist style. Sounds like you? Here are some quick Modernistic home decor ideas for the modernist you:

  1. Add elements of modernist art pieces on the walls in the living room and your bedroom – There can be no better way of incorporating a Modernistic home decor style than adding in a bunch of modernist art pieces. Walk to your nearest art store and pick some art pieces that resonate with you.

  2. Declutter your home interior decoration – The basic rule of modernistic home decor and interiors is “Less is more”. Declutter the overly stuffed countertops, mantels and any other visible spaces of areas. Retain only those things that truly fit and part ways with things you barely put to any use. That old gift a relative had given you which is catching dust on your mantel? Yes, maybe it is time you part ways with it.

  3. Add cozy simplistic rugs around your furniture – The Modernistic does not mean plain and cold. It means warm, simple and sufficient! Choose a bunch of simple, cozy, bold colored rugs in yellow, black, blue, white, wine red or brown to accent your furniture.

2. The Contemporary

If you like a modernistic design but also like to keep current with the moments of the time and enjoy a warmer, cozier and a more welcoming and an outgoing theme for your home, you are probably a contemporary persona at heart!

While most people quickly associate modernistic designs and home decor ideas as being too minimalistic, contemporary home decor on the hand works well for those who love the idea of simplicity along with vibrancy & texture. If you can associate yourself with a multi-faceted personality at the outlook but with a composed and a calmer persona at heart, a contemporary home decor style would best suit you Here’s how you can quickly transform your space to a contemporary style:

  1. Choose furniture pieces that are bold and vibrant with a sleek finish, less in detail but high in character. A contemporary style is best portrayed in smooth, simple and clean geometrical shapes.

  2. Soften or warm-up space by using heaving textured mono-colored fabrics to use as rugs in the living room or as curtains for your windows. A simplistic floor plan and a textured fabric scheme shouts out the contemporary style at its best.

  3. Choose home decor items like plants and flowers that are large and dramatic with a container or a vase that is very sublime or simple. The glass containers in neutral colors are especially the best pick to store your vibrant plants and flowers.

3. The Shabby Chic

If you look for an element of elegance in everything while also desiring comfort. You always like to feel at home and nothing is more important to you than the coziness. You love depth, character and the little detail in everything to render the coziness you much desire. Sounds like you? If yes, you are a shabby chic at heart and the best home decor ideas for you are the shabby chic ideas! The shabby chic interior is reminiscent of the farmhouse vibe. Take you back to the countryside! Relatable? Try out these quick ideas to transform your space into the shabby chic home:

  1. Add vintage furniture – If you love thrift store shopping, you should totally go by and purchase a vintage distressed or antique furniture to almost instantly transform your living room into a shabby chic home.

  2. Make space for all those collectibles and accessories lying somewhere and mix it up on your bold walls – Put all those art pieces, artifacts, paintings and accessories that you have stored somewhere to good use by creating an innovative mix of them and displaying them on your bold walls.

  3. Cozy up to your space with linen drapes – The best way to add up all the coziness you love to your home is by using neutral-colored linen drapes, especially the white linens and use them as throws on your furniture or as long curtains. They would instantly make your spaces cozier and warmer.

4. For the love of Luxe

If you are all about the luxurious details and as the charm of the elegant chandeliers, the shiny home decors, the classy rugs, and those large mirrors decked up in heavy steel and glass frames – you are probably the urban-goer who loves the luxe home decor style. If you love all things gorgeous, luxurious, sumptuous, elegant, sparkling and charming, the luxe decor will be the best fit for your personality.! Here are a few quick tips for a brief luxe home decor makeover:

  1. Liven your interiors by mimicking luxurious furniture pieces – If you’ve traveled a lot or just have a good taste for luxurious furniture, you will know a few places to purchase the most luxurious looking furniture assortments. Begin from there as the furniture sets the central theme for any home decor makeover.

  2. Incorporate posh pillows and luxury linens – There’s nothing quite like the plush pillows and the luxury linens spread on your bed coupled with elegant lighting choices that make up for a posh bedroom.

  3. Shop for a bunch of Luxury gadgets – If you walk into a luxe interiors store, you’ll find many new-age luxury gadgets, from control systems for heating and lighting to more simple and cozy ones like the fragrance dispensers and so on. Shop for some innovative ones that will instantly add luxe vibes to your home.

5. The Traditional

If you are someone who likes to feel better put-together, organized and like to have a place for everything while also being very warm, welcoming, outgoing and accommodating – your personality might just hit the right chords with the traditional home decor style! The traditional home decor style is an all-time classic and never `outdated”. It definitely is one of those evergreen interior designs and it is still used to date for a reason – it simply works the best! Try these quick traditional home decor tips to instantly transform your space into a traditional set up where primarily – everything has a place and where accommodative approach feels very cozy and warm.

Strike the perfect symmetry and balance in your furniture setup – The way you set your furniture up is the most important factor that’s going to add a traditional home decor vibe to your home. Place them in a way that makes family conversations easy and convenient. For instance: Place the sofa or the couch facing two chairs. Not all pieces of furniture here need to be bought or made as a set. You can always add more pieces of extra furniture to the setting. The idea is to present a warm, welcoming and accommodating ambiance.

Make space for the big cushions and soft-edged furniture pieces – On the contrary to the sleek and crisp modernistic furniture, the traditional furniture must feel cozy and warm. Add large cushions to your sofa and choose the perfect traditional cushion covers to dress up the same.

Add artwork to the bare walls – Adding different types of artwork from art paintings to wall hanging accessories or just a beautiful photo collage concept to your bare walls is a great idea!

Based on what best makes your style statement, choose a home decor that truly reflects and resonates with your personality. When your friends and guests visit your home, they should truly visit the innate you! Don’t hesitate to hire an expert home designer to help you work out the best style for your home that is bespoke to you.

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