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5 Reasons to add Handmade Products to your Decor

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In today’s times, as a consumer, we are completely spoilt for choice. It is a physical store or online shopping experience, the options are close to unlimited. However, we must be very careful while choosing what we buy as a lot more goes into the making of a product than it’s mere appearance. One must make well informed and conscious choices that are ecologically sound and help uplift talented individuals. Here are five reasons why you should choose handmade products while you shop for your home 

1. Eco-friendly and sustainable

Made on a much smaller scale than high street brands, products that are handmade are not only produced in a sustainable manner but are often made in materials that are eco-friendly in nature and sourced locally. You could choose to buy from an online handicraft store that practices sustainability instead of a larger brand that may or may not adhere to being eco-sensitive. The health and well being of our planet determines our wellness, and we must ensure that we do everything we can to embrace a lifestyle that works towards saving the planet from man-made hazards like pollution, contamination of water bodies, disposal of non- biodegradable material, etc. Not only does our conscious lifestyle come with great health benefits, but it is also the right thing to do to ensure that we leave a clean and healthy world for the generations to come.

2. Your quest for unique products ends with handmade products

Each of us is unique in our own way. Our traits, our taste, and our personality is nothing but the testimonial of how differentiated each of us is. Then why let mass-produced, Me-too products occupy a space in our home. Each product that adorns our home should belong there and be a part of the story of who we are. such stories can not come out of a mass-produced item.  No two handmade products are the same, they all carry a unique fingerprint, of their artisan, their heritage and their being. so if you are one of those who seek uniqueness, Handmade should be your choice of decor.  

3. Supporting local artists and artisans

Don’t we all want to do something we love? While that may or may not be the case for each of us, but we sure can do our bit for those who are pursuing art or craft that they are passionate about. Buying from an online handicraft store or from an individual who passionately creates products is the best way to support art and artisans. You can visit local flea markets, galleries and similar events to source products that are made locally using skills and expertise that are indigenous to a certain area. They add a unique charm to your space and create a warm and welcoming ambiance that is unique to products that are made with a lot of thought and effort.

4. Appreciating skills and craftsmanship

Each person is gifted to excel in a certain skill, and as a conscious individual, it is important for us to encourage and appreciate the skills of people around us. It is amazing to know that, each region has its own unique art and craft that has evolved over a period of time and is influenced by many factors like the local culture, beliefs and the material available in and around the area. Craftsmanship is not merely making a product, but art to convey a story. We as a community can do a lot in order to spread the word about diverse cultures and craftsmanship. Not only does this support artists, but it is also a great way to include the rich heritage of mankind into our daily lives. From Aztec prints created by red Indians to the many diverse crafts from across the Indian Subcontinent, there is so much richness that we can integrate into our lives by the simple act of choosing hand made products over mass-produced ones. 

5. Reconnect and revive

Our lives have become extensively mechanized and fast-paced. Sadly, we have little or no time to spend on understanding and learning about the rich culture and heritage that was once our asset. Apart from this, abundant utilization of mass-produced products, machines, etc has strained our relationship with products that are intimately crafted. As a conscious community of individuals, it is our responsibility to reconnect with our history and revive the dying art and craft that are such an integral part of our history. Not only are these products made using locally available material, but they also provide employment to individuals who are completely reliant on their skills to make ends meet. With widespread awareness and fierce attempts by some individuals, we are now able to access crafts from across the globe by the click of a single button. By choosing to shop with such an online handicraft store, not only are you bringing home a product that speaks volumes of our history, but you are also providing employment and opportunity to people who may be in dire need of the same. 

Whether you are doing up your home, or your dream office space- every product that goes into your space must be picked with a lot of care. We have a lot of responsibility towards our fellow beings and the world we live in, and the choices we make have a huge impact on our present and future. Hence, it is imperative to make conscious decisions to include products that are created sensitively in response to the environment we live in. On the bright side, choosing to opt for products that are handmade comes with a lot of benefits as discussed above. You can bring home richness and heritage instead of mere pieces of utility. Enrich your home with folklore, tales, and skills of times bygone, for they are timeless, elegant and sophisticated. They stand the test of time and are forever in vogue irrespective of the passing trends.

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