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7 Ways to Be the Best Version of Yourself

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

It is the beginning of a new decade and wanting to be the best version of yourself is probably one of the best personal goals to have. The one that is definitely worth pursuing and the one that will leave you so fulfilled and content as you take steps towards accomplishing it. Don’t we all crave to be the healthiest and the happiest version of ourselves? It’s a great dream to chase! However, most people haven’t had much success in this pursuit of being the best version.

Every new year begins with a bunch of resolutions but soon all the motivation and the drive vanishes into thin air. Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But if you do want to get ahead of the crowd and truly bring out the best version of your, we’ve got you covered. This blog outlines 7 ways to be the best version of yourself this year, this decade and the many more years to come.

These are practical and realistic ways that can be easily followed by anyone and can be achieved easily if one moves on with consistency. Put in the sweat and you shall not regret. Read on!

#1 – Have a good lifestyle!

First things first. Having a good lifestyle is the first step towards bringing out the best version of yourself into the light. A good lifestyle is one that is filled with activities, which leaves you feeling happy, fulfilled and healthy. Lifestyle is the way in which one approaches their day to day living. It should begin with a healthy morning routine – the way you start your mornings truly sets the tone for your entire day.

Design a morning routine that makes you want to spring up from your bed and kick-start your day. Stay away from your computer screens and smartphone screens for at least 30 to 40 minutes after waking up. Your emails can wait. All those Instagram DMs and post engagements? Yes, they can wait too. Studies have revealed that looking at screens first thing in the morning and loading your head with all the unnecessary information spoils the morning glory and thus deteriorates the overall quality of your day.

Embrace a simpler way of living and you’ll live way more fulfilled and happier. Eat right, live right. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning too is a great way of jumpstarting your day. Try to stay away from the oily and deep fried diet, and embrace greener and minimalistic way of living.

#2 – Take care of your mental health

So much is being talked about mental health and yet, it is unfortunate that most people still don’t realize the impact of one’s mental health on their life. Mental health is a tricky subject that unfortunately we’re not taught about in schools or colleges. It is something we’ll have to learn on our own through our experiences in the school of life.

Prioritize your mental health. Stop being okay with not being okay. Stop ambushing your feelings. If you’re having a tiff with a dear one and are trying to hide away all your feelings, locking it in a place you never plan to unlock – you are doing so much harm to your mental well-being. Express how you feel..bottled up feelings can only do more harm. Take the help of professionals if you’re having trouble expressing how you feel. Be honest and true to yourself and to those around you. Therefore take care of your mental health, as it’s vital to be your best self.

#3 – Move on from everything and everyone who is holding you back from attaining the best version of yourself!

The world is filled with all kinds of people and although we cannot choose who comes into our lives, we can always choose who stays in it. If you are surrounded by people who do not motivate, inspire and excite you then change your company., If you are around people who are condescending and dampen your spirits, you need to move on from them.

Life is short and you shouldn’t be wasted in entertaining relationships and people that do not nurture you. Healthy people and healthy relationships should leave you feeling energized with positive. They should make you feel loved and accepted. Remove the people who bring your energies down from your life and don’t let anyone come in your way.

#4 – Develop Emotional Sensitivity

Humans are governed by our emotions largely, regardless of how logical we are. Managing emotions in the right way are essential in determining the quality of life and in bringing the best version of yourself. Develop emotional sensitivity towards yourself, and towards your family, society and all living being. Treat everyone with respect, don’t let your words or actions hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally just like love begets love, it’s also true that it hurts to hurt. When you hurt someone it is reciprocated to you too. Be emotionally warm and empathetic towards others and their feelings. You don’t have to always agree but listen out, it’s an art. Keep your mind and judgments open to discussion. Learn to agree to disagree. In the process, you will feel lighter too.

Similarly, be sensitive to yourself. Be mindful of your emotions and observe closely how these emotions are influencing your life. Make the necessary changes in your lifestyle and social circle and choose only what is best for you! That’s what is going to help in carving out the best version of yourself.

#5 – Practice Self-love

This one cannot be stressed enough. In a world where we’re all looking for love, acceptance and care, practicing self-love can come a long way! Self-love is a process that can leave your soul fulfilled and content. Self-love is not a destination but a way of life. It cannot be attained but practiced. It might take you time and conscious efforts to practice self-love, but once you’ve learned how to do it, there’s nothing like it! You will stop looking for the unnecessary validation from people around you, you will stop waiting for someone to make you feel happy, you will become self-sufficient and that will leave you feeling empowered, enlightened and happy!

Self-love doesn’t mean despising others. In fact, it is the other way around. Self-love is not just loving yourself as a whole – your body, mind, and soul, but also loving others with kindness and care. Practicing self-love can take you many steps closer to becoming the beautiful and blissful best version of yourself!

#6 – Be socially sensitive and responsible

Being the best version of you should not stop at loving yourself and your family and designing a great lifestyle. That’s the beginning. The next part is to contribute and give it back to society. Being socially sensitive and responsible will not only help the society at large but it will also leave you feeling happy and fulfilled. Begin by doing small things in your neighborhood or at your workplace.

Be kind and mindful of your actions. Water those dried out plants in the neighborhood. Volunteer for that community project your society is taking up. Be a part of that marathon happening at your workplace and encourage others to be a part of it too. Work towards a cause you strongly believe in. This gives your life a deeper sense of purpose that you may not achieve by simply going about your life just the way most other people around you are!

#7 – Make peace with your past: Bury the past glories and part ways with the demons of your past!

Last but not least on the list – in order to bring the best version of yourself to light, you have to let go of your past! If you want your best to take over, you have to let the worst part ways. We all have things from our past which we haven’t made peace with.

Moving on from there is one thing. Making peace with them is another. Making peace does not mean you validate or glorify what happened. It only means that you acknowledge that it has happened to you in the past, and you want to now move on towards another brighter tomorrow without carrying the baggage of your past.

This applies to every aspect of your life: from your professional life to your relationships, with your family, friends, partners & exes. Don’t let the ghosts of your past haunt your present and the future. Make peace with your past with maturity and move on to embrace the best things your life is throwing at you.

Becoming a better person and working towards being the best version of yourself might be hard at the beginning. But once you’ve understood what you really want from your life and embrace a simpler way of living that’s healthy for you physically, emotionally and spiritually – you will heal all your past wounds and shine from the inside. Being the best version of yourself is probably the most purposeful and fulfilling journey you’ll ever make and the one that will fill your heart with gratitude and happiness!

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