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Handcrafting Tales of Life with Hope & Humanity during COVID-19

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The COVID-19 outbreak has left the entire world in shock. While the world is fighting the pandemic together, as individuals, we should do our part – however little they may seem. As we journey through the pandemic together, shining the light on humankind has become more important than ever before. These are the times when we should stand in solidarity and march through the uncertain times. Feeding the fear of viruses must be left behind, and feeding the love of happiness and togetherness must be spread. 

CSR is not a yearly event, but a brand’s guiding principle

At Akkaara, we believe that the corporate social responsibility must not end at making donations once or twice in a year as part of every accounting year. It goes way beyond that, and the COVID-19 outbreak has brought many MNCs forward in this regard. The world needs resources and help in all ways possible more than ever before now. We believe that, together we can fight this pandemic. By taking care of ourselves. By taking those around us. And by collectively taking care of the whole community we thrive in. We wanted to go beyond spreading social messages that said #StayHome, we wanted to do our part. We’re extremely grateful for all our customers for their support and cooperation at a time like this. We’re thankful for our delivery partners who made our deliveries possible and every single employee working with Akkaara. 

We could not stop there. At our very roots, we are a brand who wants to uplift the art culture. We began with a mission of making amazing handicrafts and art pieces available to the urban masses. As we marched closer towards fulfilling this mission, we have learnt so much about the Indian Art culture ourselves and have tried to share the knowledge and insights with our community too. 

From the almost-forgotten Madhubani Paintings and Phad Paintings to the on-the-verge-of-extinction Pattachitra Paintings, we’ve tried to revive the classic art forms of the Indian subcontinent, bringing Indian Handicrafts to the spotlight. Our care for tradition, care for material and care for artisans is the very foundation that has bought us so far. And at a time like this, our care for artisans had to shine and that’s why we decided to extend our helping hands to the artisan communities. 

Glow of Hope! – A hope of light for the artisan communities

In the wake of the COVID-19 situation, our initiative Glow Of Hope aims at filling hopes into the lives of our artisans community to weather through the tough times. We supported 22 artisan families by providing them with the funds to take care of their monthly expenses including that of their household and raw materials to keep them going. We began small by supporting the artists at our arm’s length from Alagadda, Onepenta, Belgaum and Khavda. Further on, we look forward to supporting more as we move forward. We are inspired by the belief of looking after our own – and to us, artisan communities are our own, much like our loved customers and employees. 

With this, we are actively encouraging our communities to focus on nurturing the connections and not on the isolation, during the tough times of lockdowns and quarantines. We will thrive and weather through the storm of COVID-19 if we march forward by creating stories of kindness and compassion! Let’s lift our hopes up for each other, together! 

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