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How to give an Art Upgrade to your Home Office Space

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In the tumultuous time of a global pandemic, most of us are working from home. Work From Home (WFH) also entails video calls with your bosses and colleagues. We all want to present our best selves on these calls because truly who wouldn’t. Since the lockdowns began a few months ago, the people in your work life are getting a glimpse into your home. People are spending a lot of time in their home office or nooks, and we think it should be a place that inspires productivity. They say that your desk is a representation of your state of mind and the more clutter it accumulates the less space there is to work. 

While curating your home office space there are certain things you should focus on, such as, the space should not look like it is a setup for a photo shoot or that it’s such a mess that no work can occur in that space. We understand that everyone has their own way of organizing, but that gives them a pass in decorating the office space. There are many ways one can spruce up their home office using traditional handicrafts of India. The art pieces can be elegant and timeless while bringing the entire room together. In the era of supporting Made in India products, it would be a delightful way to support the arts community by having traditional handicrafts of India in your office. 

Here are some ways Traditional Handicrafts of India can give your home office a sophisticated art upgrade based on your personal style:

  1. Stone based Artworks: Many people prefer the look and feel a stone artwork brings to the room. A stone artwork is not too imposing to the space and adds just the right element to complete the aura of the room. It brings sophistication and elegance to the space.

  1. Weaved Artworks: Weaved artworks are always unique as they are handmade and show the artist’s handiwork. They can be a soothing sight in tense situations because they show that strategically intermingling different threads can lead to a beautiful outcome.

  1. Metal based Artworks: Metal artworks exude grandeur and can highlight the best aspect of the room with its placement. Usually one metal artwork can do what other multiple types of artwork cannot do in tying the aesthetic of the room. The chic rustic look can add urbanity to the office space.

  1. Clay Artworks: Having clay sculptures or art pieces is aesthetically pleasing in an otherwise modern space. It focuses attention to itself but doesn’t overpower any of the other elements in the room. They can be a reminder of nature in the hustle and bustle of work life. They can also be nice conversation starters to break the ice when you have company. 

Make the most of your home office space by giving it an art upgrade with some traditional handicrafts of India. Work from home will be much better in a space that beckons your productivity while making you look chic.

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