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Make your interiors more inviting with Handcrafted Wall Hangings

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Nobody likes to live in a house that looks like a white box. Creating lively spaces that add charm and beauty to the spaces we live in makes our home cozy and full of life. These home interiors needn’t always be expensive.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on hiring an interior designer, and overlooking the installation of a bunch of expensive things. Spending a little time on choosing a few home interior items that can add all the needed charm to your living space will be adequate. Here’s how you can use Handcrafted Wall Hangings to make your home interiors more inviting and lively. Best part? They do not cost a fortune, and bring so much life to your walls! 

#1 – Wall Hangings can add an instant color palette to your living spaces

Choosing a perfect color palette that goes with your home can be very challenging. Sometimes homeowners are left with blank bland walls with no idea on how to rejuvenate them. Wall hangings are a quick fix to this. Choose from an assortment of wooden, metal or fabric wall hangings that will add an instant color palette to your walls, and change the look of your interiors. Choose from various styles like boho, retro, vintage, classic, contemporary, modern and more, depending on your preferred style.

#2 – Add a woven wall tapestry that vibes with your energy

Woven wall tapestries are one of the best pick-ups chosen by hundreds of interior designers to change the look of a home. With thousands of beautiful woven wall tapestry designs to choose from, you can really create a lively space that vibes well with your energy and philosophy. Want to add more colours and keep up a cheerful vibe in the living room? Choose colorful handwoven wall tapestry, with lots of fringes that adds a frilly, lively and vibrant vibe to your living space. Want to keep it modernistic and minimal while also not seeming boring? Choose plain white or single color woven wall tapestry, to hang on your wall. Choose a color that compliments the color palette of your wall.

#3 – Beaded wall hangings for the love of the beads

Beautiful beaded wall hangings are one of the best handcrafted wall hangings. They can be anything from colorful and eye-catching, to simple and minimal. Beaded wall hangings are known for their aesthetic elegance, which adds a whimsical look to your living spaces.

#4 – Painted Tarp Wall hangings

There’s always a leftover wall that looks very simple and humble, with all other walls filled with paintings, photo frames, art pieces and more. Give a makeover to such bland walls by hanging a painted tarp wall hanging. You can choose from a wide variety of options like bohemian style paintings, traditional Phad Painting style, Warli Art style, minimalist modern art paintings and so on. Bring it all together by choosing a style that is in sync with other handicraft items, and home decor items.

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