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Perfecting the Botanical Interior Trend

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The Botanical Interiors Trend has been on a rise since the year 2018, calling for ‘connect back to nature’ protocol. The Pinterest saves for ‘natural botanical interior trends’ has increased from the year 2018, making many interior designers develop various designs and trends that correspond to different home themes from rustic and contemporary, to minimalist and modern.

Bringing back the beauty of outdoors and nature into urban homes lies at the heart of a perfect botanical interior trend. It helps you get one with nature amidst the tech chaos. Create a sense of serenity and earthiness in your home by adopting these elements of a perfect botanical interior trend.

#1 – Use terrariums

Terrariums are glass containers with soil that allows you to create a mini ecosystem for plants. There are a variety of terrariums, coming in different shapes – from round, oval to conicals in the market. Choose a shape that best resonates with your space. Living room is the most ideal place to have these terrariums, but if you want to install one in your bedroom when you have ample space, that must be good too. Generally, instead of just one big terrarium oval, having a couple of them is a great idea to really make it seem like a miniature forest area. Based on your home conditions and temperature, research on the best plants to grow – and create your own little forest!

#2 – Make room for indoor plants

Indoor plants are an absolute no-brainer when you want to bring a part of nature to your home. Plants not only add an ornamental value to your home, but also purify the air and keep your environment fresh. Based on how much time and maintenance care you’re willing to spend on your indoor plants, choose from a wide variety of indoor plant options – from aloe Vera, money plant, areca palms, to low-maintenance plants like succulents. To add all the more life to your botanical trend, use decorative indoor flower pots that are chic in style and help add a touch of artsy earthiness to your plants.

#3 – Botanical Art Prints and Wallpapers

Your botanical theme needn’t be limited to real plants. You can incorporate decorative elements like botanical art prints and wallpapers and use them on your walls. There are a wide variety of options to choose from with designs varying from – large lovely flower themes, desert thorny plants theme, to thick lush mediterranean themes! You can really choose to have whatever you want with wallpapers, unlike real plants where you have a number of limitations on what kind of plants you can grow.

So, whether you are in a humid climate, or a monsoon climate – bringing any vegetation to life is very simple with botanical art prints and wallpapers. Want to get even more creative? Add in a bunch of real foliage to add all the more drama and depth to your botanical interiors!

#4 – Floral pillows and bedding

From bedsheet covers, pillow covers to your sofa covers and cushions – choosing a floral or leafy patterned design will instantly make your space a vibrant one, shouting a natural habitat. There are a wide variety of options you can choose from, with variations in designs, patterns, colors, and quality of material. Choose vibrant colors that go well with your style of preference.

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