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Significance of Geometry in Your Home Decor

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

There are different principles in home decor that one needs to consider while designing their home to ensure that their space looks pleasant and appealing. While the color palette, material & texture are crucial factors to consider, there are some basic underlying principles that you should bear in mind to achieve a look that is balanced and appealing to the eye. Harmony amongst the different materials used, a sense of balance in the overall appearance, etc are some factors that will help you achieve your goal of designing the perfect home.

 The geometry of the space and its relationship with the products used is another crucial factor to consider. contemporary house decor is incomplete without analyzing the geometry involved. The traditional handicrafts of India is predominantly done by using basic geometrical shapes like circles, triangles, and squares. Here are some reasons why geometry plays an important role. 

• Geometry is the science of shapes, and shapes play a very important role in the decor of a home. The shape of the space and the way it needs to be treated is unique. For instance, a rectangular room is treated much differently as compared to a space that might be an open forum. Thus, the first step is to determine the shape of the space and to seek an understanding of the way the volume should be treated.

• It is also important to understand the concept of harmony amongst shapes. If you are someone who is very fond of using different objects in your space, it is important to achieve a sense of harmony amongst different shapes and pieces used. For instance, if you choose to have a series of paintings, you could either opt for a series of rectangular paintings or a combination of square and rectangular frames. However, mixing of one too many geometric shapes can give a look of confusion and chaos. Likewise, if you want to have different sculptures at home, try to find a sense of similarity or unity amongst them. Often, similar sculptures of different heights or a progression of designs are used to create a wholesome appeal.

• Many house interior decoration ideas are now incomplete without wallpapers and patterns. If you choose to add patterns and shapes to your walls, or even to your floor in terms of carpets or tiles, it is advisable to choose patterns that are in sync with each other. If you are using wallpapers with stripes, try to choose shapes that are in harmony with them. You could choose to use solid colors, lines of varying thickness, or shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, etc. One should refrain from using organic shapes and free-flowing lines as they do not compliment the nature of straight lines and traditional shapes. 

Likewise, if you are planning to take up shapes that are organic or choose floral or organic motifs, try to follow a similar sense of geometry throughout. Circles, florals motifs, and organic shapes can be teamed together for a pleasing appearance.

• Understanding the volume of the space also helps in choosing the right accessories for your home. The size of the artifacts used, should be proportionate to the size of the room. You may have encountered badly designed spaces, where very small spaces are adorned with large murals, sculptures, etc that make the space look claustrophobic and messy. This is the result of poor or no understanding of the geometry of the space and how to treat it.

Understanding the geometry of your space and the right usage of shapes and patterns can help you achieve a look that is well balanced and appealing to look at. We hope that these tips help you create a relaxing and welcoming home for you and your loved ones.

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