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The Conscious Ways of Doing Up your Home

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Our ecology is going through troubled times owing to many factors that are bringing about an unpleasant change in the environment and causing an imbalance in nature. Altering our lifestyle in small ways can have a positive impact on the environment that is essential for a healthy today and tomorrow. Here are six conscious ways in which you can do up your home.

1. Usage of recycled furniture

Every piece of furniture made is a result of a lot of skill, material, and physical labor. It is built to last many years and to stand the test of time. Instead of buying brand new furniture for your home or commissioning new ones, you can choose to buy used furniture. Not only does it come at a more pocket-friendly price, but it also adds character and charm to your space. With little or no alterations, used furniture can be integrated into your space to create a unique design that’s unique to your home and reflects your personality the best.

2. Upcycle and restore

You will be surprised to know how many traditional handicrafts of India can be created by restoring and upcycling old items. It could be a trunk upcycled to become a seat or slightly damaged kitchenware that makes for great planters- the internet is full of simple DIYs that will help you restore old decor items that fit into your modern home with much grace. If you are choosing to renovate your home, avoid dumping unwanted items into the landfill. You can either upscale the items using creative and simple techniques or put them up for sale for them to find a second home. 

3. Encourage handmade products

Industrial waste and pollution are some of the biggest threats to our environment, and choosing to buy handmade products is surely a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Buying from any online handicraft store could be a simple way to start your journey of using quality and reliable handmade products that are most often made using natural products.

4. Go Green, Go Eco-friendly

It is not just a catchphrase anymore! Going eco-friendly is the need of the hour. In order to do our bit for our planet, it is imperative to choose products that cause the least harm to it’s well being. Opting to use naturally available material and resources while doing up your home, and choosing products that are made using sustainable products and methods is a crucial step in consciously doing up your home.

5. Help local artisans and art

As mentioned above, high street brands are causing extensive damage to the well-being of the planet. By choosing to buy from a local artisan, not only are you encouraging local art and providing employment, but you are also choosing to consciously avoid products that take a lot of resources and energy to make. What’s more! you also get to adorn your home in products that are differentiated and uniquely made.

6. Bring nature home

Adding plants and greenery to your home comes with varied benefits. Gardening can be extremely therapeutic, while also being beneficial for the occupants of the space. When chosen wisely, plants can enhance air quality and create a lively and peaceful ambiance at home. You could go a step further and choose to have your own herb and vegetable garden in your backyard. Having plants around is scientifically proven to make one healthy, happy and you are also doing your bit to improve the air quality in your vicinity while increasing the green cover of the region.

Being informed about our environment and taking the initiative to do our bit for the ecology is the responsibility of every individual. You may aspire to have a home that is modern, but that in no way must stop you from making conscious choices that your future generations will thank you for.

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