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Top Tips When Buying Artwork Online

Updated: Sep 12

With the world slowing down and staying indoors to fight the global pandemic that we are faced with, the need for genuine work of artists is on the rise. Timeless handcrafted products that you add to your home beautify your space and create a character that is sure to lift your spirits on a dull day. If you are looking for handicraft items online, we give you ten things to consider while buying artwork online.

1. Background of the artist

Understanding the background of the artist, their past work and going through their other collections as well will help you understand more about the artist and their style.

2. Style of art

Each artist has their own style and unique ideas that are unlike any other. Some enjoy bringing the folklore and history of their land to their customers through their work. It is important to go understand their style and see if it is in sync with your ideas and beliefs.

3. Material used

It is high time that we consciously opt for eco-friendly products. If you are going through an online handicraft store, don’t forget to check the material of the product and try to understand the source of the same. Material sourced locally, and eco-friendly products should be preferred for the greater good.

4. Process involved

There are many artisans and craftsmen who are reliant on selling their products to make ends meet. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to buy something that helps in encouraging artists and creating employment? If you are looking for handicraft items online, try to choose brands that are working closely with local artisans to create their products in order to do your bit for the community.

5. Genuineness of the product

If you are making an online purchase, it is very important to check for the authenticity of the artwork purchased. There can be many imposters and frauds who try to sell replicas, or badly crafted products displaying fake products and catalogs.

6. How well does the artwork fit into my space?

If you are an avid art and craft enthusiast, it is likely that your home is already lush with diverse forms of art and craft. Before purchasing any more art for your home, ensure that the piece you choose complements the other art in your home, while also synchronizing with the decor of your space.

7. Emotional connect to the artwork

Buying art and craft is unlike any other purchase. You must connect emotionally with the artwork, it’s history or the artist who has created it. The artwork you buy should resonate with your thoughts.

8. Story behind the artwork

A rich past, folklore associated with art or an interesting story behind the origin of the art makes it more special and valuable. When you add art to your home, you are adding history, you are adding stories- make sure you are adding something truly worthy of a conversation!

9. Its availability

Something rare and limited edition is worth a lot more than something made in multiple quantities. If you really wish to add something truly exquisite to your home, try to choose an item from a collection that is unique and handcrafted for a niche clientele.

10. Do I understand and appreciate the artwork

Just buying artwork and craft is not a big deal and means nothing if one doesn’t value it and appreciate it. It is important to really understand the art or craft, it’s the significance and to appreciate all the effort and skill that goes into it.

Buying artwork is really a skill, and we hope that these pointers will give you more clarity in making your next purchase.

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