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Turn your Space into a Peaceful Sanctuary

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

We’re living in a time where most of us are stuck indoors. Adapting to the new normal of working from home, working out from home, chilling at home, and possibly doing everything from home has made it all the more important to make our homes a place that brings us peace. The self-isolation can drive anyone crazy. However, if you put in a little effort into transforming your space into a peaceful sanctuary, you’ll have nothing to complain about. Good news? Making your home a feel-good space needn’t be exhausting. In fact, it can be so much fun and relaxing! Here are our handy tips on how to turn your space into a peaceful sanctuary.

#1 – Clear your space

Decluttering your space is more important than you think. We’re all guilty of having piles of stuff that we never use, almost in every part of our homes – from the kitchen, bedroom to the living room. Get rid of the things that no longer serve you any purpose. Yes, it’s hard to part ways with some home items, but when it’s doing no good or adding no value – you know it’s simply catching dust. Besides, having a pile of unused stuff is not good for your peace of mind psychologically. So, go on and declutter your space, one drawer at a time, or just plunge in and purge!

#2 – Use green plants to bring in a natural habitat

Many millennials are turning to green plants to add life to their spaces. It can be a refreshing activity, which also brings you closer to Mother Nature. Making your home a natural space with lots of fresh air and lush green sight is super simple with the help of indoor plants. If you’re into gardening, you’d love doing this for your home.

If you’re not, you can still use some indoor plants that do not require high maintenance, for example, succulents. Plant these in small pots and place them in your living room or bedroom, based on your real estate. Maintaining a simple care routine that consists of watering, and using fertilizers once a week or month should just be enough to make your space a sanctuary, bringing you peace and tranquility.

#3 – Make a photo or paintings wall

Our homes are not only the places we live in, but our refuge and a place of inspiration. If you have bland plain walls, you can put them to use by hanging in a bunch of your favourite pictures – from your favourite places, to your favourite people. There are hundreds of ideas and inspiration you can find on Pinterest and other sites.

Go with something that really moves you, and try to make a collage of pictures that evoke a feeling inside you. Shop for paintings that make your soul sing at online art stores. Create an assortment of these and showcase them on wide walls. This could be your very own personal camp at your home.

#4 – Invest in home decors that delight you

Investing in shabby chic decors that bring peace to your mind is a great way of turning your space into a sanctuary. Whether your heart lies in modern and minimalist art, trendy contemporary art, or aesthetic vintage art – shop around for the best home decors and add life to your spaces. From beautiful throwaway pillows, to chic blinds and beautiful wall hangings – choose the ones that make your soul happy.

What makes your home truly your home, is when you invest in creating a space that speaks right to you. All the little home decors you bring, the paintings you hang, and the plants you take care of, together can make your space a peace sanctuary! Go on and get creative in making your home truly yours.

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