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Ways to Incorporate Culture in Your Decor

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”

– Mahatma Gandhi

This quote seems like an ideal explanation of how intimate and important our culture is to us. Our history and our diversity make us unique, with our culture representing our beliefs, ideas, and approaches to life. Our home should ideally be the reflection of who we are and what we aspire to be. You may be looking for traditional handicrafts of India, but that in no way should limit you from integrating your culture into your home. We list down some important points as to how culture impacts our decor and why it is so important to include our culture into our spaces: 

1. Creating intimate spaces

Often, the word home takes us back to times and moments spent with our dear ones. It could be the old bungalow where your grandparents resided or the big tree under which neighbors spent many evenings, we are often transported to simple places that we hold dear to us. In order to create a space that evokes a sense of comfort and gives a feeling of belongingness, it is important to include elements that speak of our culture. Homes devoid of any connection to the inhabitant’s culture can seem empty and meaningless. Decor, which is an ensemble of products from high street brands, often lacks character and charm and fails to create a personal connection with both the residents and guests. A house becomes a home when we start adding elements that reflect our personality, our belief, and our culture. You could buy home decor products online in India or even scour antique stores and local markets to find something that will add culture to your home.

2. Creating awareness about our roots

Your home is the place where your family spends the most amount of time. It is a space that shapes your family into who they are. Ensuring that you choose decor that reflects our cultural heritage helps you create a connection between our family and our heritage. In times when our heritage is slowly fading away, there is a need for reconnection, a need to create awareness amongst the younger generation of our roots. You could choose a modern theme for your home and make sure that it’s in sync with the latest technology, but adding a touch of our heritage in the little details will help you in making your space a conscious and wholesome attempt to stay rooted in the rich heritage that we belong to. You’d be surprised to know that a whole range of traditional handicrafts of India is now available in the market that draws inspiration from cultures across the world. From rich terracotta tiles to intricately carved mirrors, you can find many items both offline and online that will help you create an enviable home. Bring the folklore and stories home, and make sure that your family stays in touch with its roots. 

3. Helping in reviving heritage and culture

As a conscious individual, it is our duty to make sure that we do our bit to revive our heritage and culture without it losing its battle against modernization. Our culture is rich with art, techniques, and ideas that have stood the test of time and are often eco-friendly in nature. You can buy home decor products online in India that will help you do your share in reviving and protecting our culture. Skills and knowledge that has been handed down since generations are slowly losing out to machine-made products. By mindfully choosing to opt for handmade products you are contributing to the protection and encouragement of skills that are dying a slow death. For instance, you could choose handmade table linen that seeks inspiration from indigenous art instead of opting for machine-made products.

4. Stay unique

If you are someone who is drawn to decor that is unique and uncommon, choosing to use culture as your decor theme can really help you up to your game. Often, these products are hand made and limited edition in nature, which makes them higher priced. Scouring local markets or choosing artisans online will help you get products that are inspired by the local culture of the artisan or the region. You could replace regular china with earthen tableware, or opting to use traditional light fittings will help you create a home that is full of unique decor pieces with a rich story behind each of them.

5. Be a citizen of the world

Owing to the exposure we have today, we can now choose to learn and explore the history of different nations. Therefore, you do not have to restrict your home decor to what’s available locally, as you can now contact artists from across the world to source their products for your home. You could reside in America and still source traditionally made products that are hand made in India as you can connect with brands and designers that ship globally. Your home can be enriched with cultures from across the world as this is a great way to not only learn more about our diversity but to also encourage art and craft that has been practiced since times bygone. Your home could be your haven where you can have a Turkish rug made by the weavers in Turkey that is perfectly complemented by a copper vase handcrafted by artisans in India. 

Don’t let the idea of having a modern home get in the way of you having a home that is enriched with an old-world charm. As much as modern and factory-made products make our homes look sauve, it is the story of handmade products that really add character to space. Let your home be a canvas painted by the rich colors of our culture. Let your home have a voice and tell stories that are unique to you.

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