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Treasures of the temples of India gleam with new life, retelling stories from the time immemorial. Brass and Copper lend an ancient authenticity to the collection

Brass embossed indoor planter

Sheet Metal Embossing

From the heart of Madhubani, Bihar, This craft  emerges. Sheltered from the world outside, it thrives on innocence. Pure, rustic and colourful, Subtly encapsulating the flavour of it’s native Village of Rayam.

This craft of golden grass ‘Sikki’, is harvested by women of Sadai community (Dalits)It is woven intricately and ages gracefully, steadily transforming into a golden colour. Thus giving it a name of Golden grass.

Once given to daughters  during, ‘Vidai’ , it is considered auspicious. Sikki artists in Madhubani have honed this skill for generation and still continue to do so.

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